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As we understand it may be hard to find a professional health care specialist when you are a student or a foreigner living in Pilsen, we offer diagnosis, therapy and consultations held in English language for your better comprehension of the problem.


When to look for a physio therapist?

  • If you´re in a post-injury condition

  • If you´re physically very active and some pains limit you from achieving better results in your sport

  • If you´re having scoliosis, back pain, headaches, migraines, fatigue.

  • If you´re having postoperative status

  • With all problems of tendons such as tendonitis, Achilles tendon pain, tennis elbow, enthezopathy

  • When dealing with a stiff body

  • If you´re having respiratory problems


In BeFit we also offer:

  • professional massage by a physiotherapist and other rehabilitation procedures

  • kinesiotaping

  • sport consultations

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